Family Business Professors: 34 Ways to Energize Your Class

Family Business Professors: 34 Ways to Energize Your Class
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Published: August 3, 2022
Updated: August 5, 2022
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For family business professors and teachers, August means finalizing plans to engage students in the classroom. Here are free classroom exercises, interviews, case studies and other resources that will add new energy, fun and inspiration to your students' course work.

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Videos that showcase family business principles and give an insider’s perspective:

How Family Firms Can Innovate With Less

'There's No Birthright' and Other Tips for Raising Entrepreneurial Leaders

Advice for Non-Family Executives in Family Businesses

What it Takes to Build a Four-Generation Business

Why Family Firms are Like Jenga

Encouraging Family Business Members to go the Extra-mile

Hyannis Country Garden is a Family Business With Deep Roots


Classroom exercises and activities:

Team Exercise: How Parenting Styles Affect The Next Generation

Learning How Family Business Leaders Make Tough Decisions Through Interviews

Understand Your Family Firm's Core Strengths and Weaknesses

Real-Life Drama: Creating a TV Series Based on a Family Business 

Designing and Experiencing the Family Business Advisory 

Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Family Firms: An Assessment Tool

Let’s Get Professional: Family Firms Need HRM Practices

Future Family Business Owners Can Learn to Manage Conflict

Acres of Diamonds: Advantages of Working in Your Family Business

To Engage Business Students, Roll Out 'the Barrels' 


Cases that can easily spur discussion and debate:

How Lowell Wakefield Made Crab King

How Can the Family Business Cope When a Key Non-family Exec Leaves?

How 3 Crises Made a Boat Company More Seaworthy


Readings materials well-suited for family business education:

Getting Your Family Business Ready for the 'New Normal'

Innovating With Agility: Tips and Tricks for Resurgence and Growth

How the Next Generation Can Earn Legitimacy, Respect and Loyalty 

Diversify Your Family's Risks by Returning to Its Entrepreneurial Roots

Outside Leadership Can Save the Family Business

Thriving or Trapped in the Family Business

Too Much Love in the Family Can Hurt

How Family Business Leaders Can Encourage Both Devotion and Performance

The Family Way: How Entrepreneurial Values Help Businesses Thrive Over Generations

The 'Fredo Factor:' How Deadbeats and Troublemakers Hurt Family Businesses

Successful Successions Are Never Smooth

When Entrepreneurs Raise Entrepreneurs


More cases, TV shows and movies:

Case Studies, Movies, TV Shows and Other Family Business Resources

Videos for the Global Family Business Community 





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