Beyond Succession: Family Firms Need a Legacy Plan Too
A family venture can thrive if its values are passed along to the next generation. Defining those values is the first challenge. Read More...
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Daughters prepare to lead family firms
Daughters are increasingly assuming leadership roles at family firms. In this video, two future business leaders talk about family expectations, their worries, their hopes for the future and the importance of knowing their value. Read More...
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Successful Successions are Never Smooth
The people involved expect the conflict, view it as natural and do not let it get in the way of things. Here are four tips for the big handoff. Read More...
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Special issue: Succession

Surprising reasons owners exit family businesses
Concentrate less on succession planning and more on managing conflict and making the firm profitable. Read More...
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Playing the Succession Game to Ensure Family Business Continuity
Game theory provides a mathematical way to look at sibling competition and its emotional costs -- and suggests insights for achieving the best outcome. Read More...
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Dennis Jaffe on Managing Transition

A thought leader in the world of family business shared his thoughts in Forbes on how to manage the shift to the next generation of leadership.

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Should You Brand Your Family Business? Evidence from Research and Practice

by: Claudia Binz Astrachan / Applied and Practice

Touting its family ownership may help a firm impress some stakeholders, but may deter others. The family must be strategic in its branding efforts. Read more...

This midlife startup owner has pivoted twice

by: Chris Farrell / Features

This story illustrates a major theme of the second-life small business owner: The critical role community plays in the creation and the running of a startup. Read more...

How Scotch Whisky is Fueling Decades of Good Works

by: Niall MacKenzie, Martin Gannon and Jillian Gordon / Applied and Practice

Without heirs, the Robertson sisters 60 years ago created an evergreen philanthropic-commercial hybrid company that remains protected from taxes and takeovers. Read more...

Four Things that the Best Family Business Boards Do Well

by: Claudia Binz Astrachan, Joseph Astrachan and Hermut Kormann / Applied and Practice

Independent directors hold others accountable and encourage change even when firmly entrenched relationships or operating philosophies make it seem impossible. Read more...


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