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January 16, 2023 - Issue #81

'CHAOS' Brings Order to Family Businesses
Business thinking is rational and economic; families are highly emotional. Chaos can result when the two realms intermingle, but it can be minimized. Read More...
Category: article
Keeping it in the Family
Experienced mentors weigh in on how to keep the peace while working with your relatives. Read More...
Category: article
What Matters More for Entrepreneurs: Book Smarts or Street Smarts? 
In environments with high levels of uncertainty, our research showed that emotionally intelligent people were far more likely to be successful. Read More...
Category: article

January 2023

Developing Your Business Family Strategy: Where to Start and What to Consider
Successful, long-lasting business families share an understanding of what is important to them, what they want to do together, and how they want to work together to achieve their collective goals and vision. Read More...
Category: article
Exiting a Business: the Challenges and Rewards
Is 2023 the year you sell your business? Get ready for a thrill ride of emotions. Here's what to expect. Read More...
Category: article

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How a Distillery Founder and His Investor Went Off the Rails

by: Theodore L. Waldron, Jeffery S. McMullen, Oleg Petrenko, Lori Tribble Trudell, Olivia Aronson and James C Wetherbe / Research Insight

The true story of Balcones Distilling shows how shared decision-making can set the stage for misunderstandings, turf wars...and far worse. Read more...

What a Viral Music Video Can Teach us About Collaborating

by: Douglas Orzolek, AnnMarie Thomas, Clare Howard, Taylor Casey, Luke Tozour and Damian Kulash / Education and Teaching

A viral music video, created by the band OK Go during the pandemic, turned into an opportunity to teach thousands of housebound musicians about working together remotely. Read more...

How to Fix Succession Conflicts Stemming From Complicated Families

by: Leona Rethmann and Nadine Kammerlander / Research Insight

Warring ex-spouses, far-flung families...Part 2 of our two-part series looks at how to fix succession challenges that are already underway. Read more...

Best Advice for Starting a Business After 50

by: Richard Eisenberg / Features

A midlife software entrepreneur talks about how to launch a firm, finding your niche, managing risk, and the challenges and advantages of age. Read more...


  1. What Venture Capital Can Do for Your Company

    by Eapen Chacko

  2. RX for Success: Former MinuteClinic CEO Linda Hall Shares her Stories

    by Daniel Forbes and Linda Hall

  3. Take a CLEAN Look at Your Business Post-COVID-19

    by Dave Ketchen and Christopher Craighead

  4. Why Inventors Should Embrace Unequal Partnerships

    by Dean Kamen

  5. Is Asking Friends and Family Members for Money the Right Move for Your Business?

    by Emelie Calbick and Betty Wong

  6. How to Pitch Your Startup to Attract Money

    by Jonathan Littman and Susanna Camp

Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation

Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation

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