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Whitney Peake

Staying Strong During a Crisis

In this podcast, Jonathan Flack, CPA, the U.S. family business services leader at PwC, talks about how family businesses are weathering the pandemic's economic crisis, and the unique strengths that are helping them survive. He also shares advice for family business leaders about communicating with staff and stakeholders.

Journal of Accountancy, April 30, 2020

Women: Regain Your Professional Footing
Covid-19 has upended the traditional balance of work and family, which was never easy to begin with. In this article, Elizabeth Bagnall and Susan Laverick of Beaufort Group Consulting show how to reclaim personal boundaries and move forward. Read More...
Family Members Can be Valuable Mentors
Entrepreneur, philanthropist and author Simran Mohinani has great role models among her family members. She talks about balancing the family and mentor relationships and offers advice for future family business leaders and women. Read More...

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A Crisis Playbook for Family Businesses

As the numbers of coronavirus cases rise in many places, this HBR article from late April is as important now as it was back then.

The Resilient Family Enterprise

This first article in a new series by Deloitte looks at how COVID-19 brings new focus to family business issues like succession planning and values.

Podcast Focuses on Crisis Management

Check out my discussion with Professor Torsten Pieper of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte about his research into how family businesses are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Hero Myth in Family Businesses

This fascinating article in Tharawat magazine explores the role of storytelling, especially about family business founders and their resilience in the face of adversity.

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Daughters prepare to lead family firms

by: Kimberly Eddleston / Interviews

Two future business leaders talk about family expectations, their worries, their hopes for the future and the importance of knowing their value. Read more...

Women Can Help Their Family Businesses Navigate Crisis

by: Rania Labaki / Applied and Practice

Women can be indispensable in times of trouble, but the glass ceiling and the glass cliff still hold them back even at family firms. Seven things to think about. Read more...

Everyday Gratitude in Times of Uncertainty

by: Carol Wittmeyer / Applied and Practice

A timely message for the 2020 Thanksgiving and holiday seasons: Gratitude leads to better relationships. It's also good business. Read more...

How to Build an App without Programming

by: Max Mirho / Applied and Practice

A rise in “no-code” tools, including Adalo and Glide, is letting nontechnical founders create technical products without the need to hire a developer. Read more...


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    by Roy Carriker

  2. The Causal Analysis: A Great Way to Tell the Financial Story

    by Phil Greenwood

  3. Studying Entrepreneurship With Mixed Methods

    by Ludvig Levasseur

  4. Shifting Entrepreneurial Thinking Into High Gear

    by mark spriggs

  5. Trust But Verify: How Startups Can Build Healthy Strategic Alliances

    by John Friar, Kimberly Eddleston, Tucker Marion and David Deeds

  6. Data Analytics Help Entrepreneurs Decide Where to Boldly Go

    by James C Wetherbe and Zhu (Drew) Zhang

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