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May 26, 2023 - Issue #90

Why Don't You Educate Your Owners?

Everyone agrees that families should train members to become competent owners and stewards of the family business – but few of them actually walk the talk.

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Sherri Noxel

One Tough Mother

One Tough Mother is not an academic text but an inspirational autobiography from the late Gert Boyle. It is the story of her inheriting her father’s sporting goods business and the unexpected death of her husband when she was 46. Gert rebuilt the company that is now one of the finest examples of G3 family enterprise ownership of a publicly traded global company.

"One Tough Mother: Taking Charge in Life, Business and Apple Pies” by Gert Boyle, G2 CEO of Columbia Sportswear.

From Solo to Team: Helping Siblings Maintain Your Valuable Outside Relationships
A leader’s external relationships, built over time, become important ‘social capital’ for the family firm. What happens when a team of siblings takes over? Read More...
Category: article
One Family, Multiple Businesses: Preserving Harmony and Profits
Families with several businesses under their umbrella face competition for resources and family attention. The right governance can help everyone thrive. Read More...
Category: article
Succession Planning Should Start Earlier Than You Think
It's never too early to plan for succession and get family members ready for leadership. The authors share ideas from research and practice in this video and podcast. Read More...
Category: article Forges Alliance With Family Business Review
Alliance will offer family-led enterprises around the world research-tested advice on how to build, manage and sustain vibrant businesses.  Read More...
Category: article's Editorial Guidelines for the Use of Generative AI Tools
You are welcome to use these tools to help draft, revise, and/or expand on submitted articles -- but make sure you understand our rules. Read More...
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AI Helps Overcome Succession Challenges

Japan, with its aging population, has a succession problem. This 32-year-old discovered a way to use AI to broker deals between companies with aging leaders. -- Kimberly Eddleston

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Seven Things to Consider Before Selling the Family Firm

by: Jon Keimig / Practice Insight

Former family business owners shared their experiences in this panel discussion hosted by the University of St. Thomas's Family Business Center. Read more...

The Biggest Mistakes Family Businesses Make With Their Boards

by: Kimberly Eddleston / Interviews

Family business researcher, lecturer and advisor Claudia Astrachan discusses the top mistakes family businesses make in staffing and interacting with boards, and how to do it right. Read more...

What Family Businesses Need to Know About the Silicon Valley Bank Failure

by: Jon Eckhardt / Applied and Practice

The SVB fallout is affecting other banks and troubling many business owners. These eight steps can help you protect your firm. Read more...

International Women's Day 2023: Resources for Family Business Women

by: Kimberly Eddleston and Catherine Buday / Commentary and EIX have dozens of articles sharing best practices for entrepreneurial women. You can find them here. Read more...


  1. Developing Competent Owners and Stewards for a Lasting Family Business

    by Claudia Binz Astrachan

  2. Dealing with Inflation: Advice From the Experts

    by Kimberly Eddleston

  3. Family Firms: How Much Cash is Enough?

    by Yuliya Ponomareva, Domenico Cambrea, Daniel Pittino and Alessandro Minichilli

  4. Strategies for Keeping Your Family Connected

    by Kimberly Eddleston

  5. Why Family Firms Are Like Jenga

    by Kimberly Eddleston

  6. Thriving or Trapped in the Family Business?

    by Michael Klein

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Editorial offices located at St Thomas University

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