Are you looking for high-quality new material to enrich your family business courses and freshen up the syllabus? Are you tired of making students pay for subscription resources? Do your students need some inspiration and direction to help them take their business ideas to a competition? and our parent organization, (Entrepreneur and Innovation Exchange) has a library of commentaries, case studies, exercises, practitioner-oriented articles and video interviews with family business scholars, practitioners, and successful entrepreneurs. All are interesting, useful and perhaps the best part, free. These resources are made possible by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation -- a charitable venture established by Best Buy Founder Dick Schulze. One of Dick's missions is to improve the success rate of new businesses, and strives to bring new and aspiring entrepreneurs and family businesses the best information possible about running a business successfully. Dick also realizes the important role of educators in supporting new entrepreneurs and family business members, which is why other articles focus on teaching methods and classroom exercises. And an initiative that launched in 2017, e-Fest®, is a business idea competition specifically for undergraduates. Our competition in April 2017 celebrated 25 student finalist teams and awarded more than $250,000 to more than 20 high performing student teams.

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Along with providing resources for students and teachers, we are also looking to publish interesting work. Each year, our "Schulze Awards" program recognizes publications that have had strong impact and engagement with our visitors. If you would like to publish your research on entrepreneurship or share ideas about what worked in your classroom, please explore and and consider it as your outlet. All submissions are peer-reviewed. is a non-profit organization that is funded by the Schulze Foundation to promote entrepreneurship and family business success (more about the EIX initiative). While we post free displays of entrepreneurship and family business schools where our editors teach, we do not sell or accept paid ads. Nor do we sell or provide your information or your students' information to any other organizations. Please explore the site and consider including our content in your courses and publishing your research, insights and best practices in the classroom on EIX.

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