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Entrepreneurial Brinkmanship: Lessons Learned from Best Buy and FedEx
As these iconic companies prove, sometimes an entrepreneur has to bet the company to survive. Read More...
EIX: Reducing Cycle Time in Thought Leadership
Time and money are two crucial resources, but they are significantly different. Money not used today can be saved and used later if we so choose. Time, on the other hand, marches on and gets used up Read More...
Category: Commentary
Delivering the Goods: An Interview with Best Buy and EIX Founder Dick Schulze
The BestBuy billionaire, passionate philanthropist and onetime paperboy shares his stories. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Garrey Carruthers: Governor, Entrepreneur, University President
Garrey Carruthers shares his remarkable journey of going from family farm boy to professor, to governor, to entrepreneur and to dean of business school and then president of New Mexico State Read More...
Category: Interviews
Data Analytics Help Entrepreneurs Decide Where to Boldly Go
Space programs must pick the parts of the cosmos that can and should be explored. Data analytics helps entrepreneurs navigate a universe of possibilities. Read More...
Entrepreneurs Don't Get Tenure: Should Their Professors?
Successful entrepreneurs must be constantly open to new ideas, adapt to changing marketplaces, reinvent their businesses and occasionally bet the house. At times, they must take their businesses to Read More...
Category: Commentary
FedEx: Obtaining Corporate Sponsored Research
Corporate funding of university research pays off for both the institution and business. Here's How FedEx was approached and agreed to engage in sponsored research. Read More...
Connecting Business Research to Practice
Markets are a strong mechanism that force entrepreneurs to produce outputs that are useful to customers. Ironically and sadly, schools that groom future entrepreneurs too often don’t consider Read More...
Perils of Entrepreneurial Philanthropy in Higher Education
Before funding a building, professorship or scholarship, some due diligence is necessary. Read More...
Action Exercises Engage Students More Fully Than Lectures and Exams
Editor's Note: Click on the link above to download Jim Wetherbe's 260-page book on better communication, "So, What's Your Point?" In the business world, concepts (e.g., entrepreneurial innovations) Read More...
A Tech Entrepreneur's Journey: Hard Work and Smart Risks
David Bateman, Co-CEO and Founder of SitePro, Inc., has learned the art of launching a great product through hard work and smart risks. His $60 million company makes technology solutions that help Read More...
Category: Interviews
How to Care for Your Team During a Crisis
Even if they are sidelined, employees need their leaders to provide reassurance and a plan. Four things that crisis-battered companies can do now. Read More...
How to Keep Your Favorite Business From Going Under
When a favorite shop, online store or family business struggles because of a crisis, entrepreneurs feel loss and a sense of their own vulnerability. How to help. Read More...
Family Businesses Can Help One Another
When a favorite shop, restaurant or other business struggles during a crisis, family business owners feel a sense of their own vulnerability. How they can help. Read More...
Which Innovations Should You Keep When the Crisis is Over?
Resist the urge to "return to normal." Smart companies will identify the survival strategies that are worth keeping -- and make them better. Read More...

Editor's Picks

Becoming the Best: A Journey of Passion, Purpose, and Perseverance
Richard M. Schulze. Idea Platforms, 2011

In "Becoming the Best," Dick Schulze exquisitely reveals the courage and perseverance required to prevail as an entrepreneur -- starting with one small store and growing it into the largest consumer electronics retailer in the world. In a conversation with a curious professor, Schulze was asked if he ever thought about closing Best Buy if it did not meet certain benchmarks for financial returns. Schulze responded with relaxed confidence: "No, there was never a point I would have thrown in the towel; failure was not an option." That quote explains much of what is to be learned from this book.

Entrepreneurship: A Process Perspective
Robert A. Baron and Scott A. Shane. South-Western, 2008

This is an excellent entrepreneurship textbook. It provides an understanding of the who, what and why of entrepreneurship, including how to assemble resources and launch the venture. It provides guidance on how to run a lasting business and harvest the rewards. Case studies are appropriately used throughout the text to illustrate concepts and techniques.

The Lean Start Up
Eric Ries, Crown Publishing, 2011

This book is useful for the one-person start up all the way up to the corporate board launching a new endeavor. It provides a powerful framework for innovation and lean thinking for both current and new entrepreneurs. It provides a method for managing innovation through minimum viable products, evolving them through learning with actionable metrics to achieve successful products and services.

Disciplined Entrepreneurship
Bill Aulet, Wiley, 2013

By nature entrepreneurship tends to be a chaotic process of trying, failing, inventing and reinventing. "Disciplined Entrepreneurship" provides a useful structure that reduces this chaos, by providing 24 steps to track and progress through the entrepreneurship process. The steps are not simply sequential. Rather, entrepreneurs will go backwards and forwards within the steps as new challenges and obstacles arise. Nonetheless, the 24-step framework works as a useful road map to ensure key activities are not overlooked and the process is well managed.

HBR Guide to Building Your Business Case
Raymond Sheen, HBR Press 2015

Provides excellent tools for pitching a new product or service, proposing a process improvement, or for entrepreneurs seeking funds for a start-up. Shows, with examples, how to crunch the numbers and pitch your idea.

The Hard Thing about Hard Things
Ben Horowitz, Harper Business

Great read for anyone wanting to know the uncomfortable truths about creating and leading a company. Inspiring story from a silicon valley entrepreneur who provides a compelling guide for protecting your start up from self inflicting wounds. Inspirational, insightful and amusing perspectives from someone who has been there. Author donates 100% of royalties to help women in developing countries gain basic civil rights.

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