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Ritch Sorenson

Opus Chair in Family Business / School of Entrepreneurship / University of St. Thomas

Authored Resources

The Family Way: How Entrepreneurial Values Help Businesses Thrive Over Generations
Many family businesses fail to make the transition from the founder's values to a new set designed for long-term success. Read More...
When Entrepreneurs Have Trouble with Monogamy: It's Their Cognitive Style
Entrepreneurs love the heady days of launching a new business. What happens when the thrill is gone? Read More...
Acres of Diamonds: Advantages of Working in Your Family Business
This exercise helps students students understand the advantages and challenges of family firms. Read More...
The Next Generation Can Help the Family Firm Innovate
Best Buy Founder Richard Shulze and Ritch Sorenson of the University of St. Thomas explore the opportunities that come with a changing of the guard. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Future Family Business Owners Can Learn to Manage Conflict
This classroom exercise dissects the five approaches to managing disputes, and their likely outcomes. Read More...
Advice for Non-Family Executives in Family Businesses
How outsiders can navigate family dynamics, help the business thrive financially, develop strategies for the future and groom the next generation of leaders. Read More...
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