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Versare, Inc. - The Accidental Fax
Versare, which makes portable walls, fold-down beds, and similar products for businesses and institutions, is an entrepreneurial venture in crisis. They have received a fax from a distributor that Read More...
Meet Your New Marketing Team: the Regulators
For new products, regulation provides a halo of legitimacy that money can't buy. Here's why. Read More...
Ann Winblad, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist
In a candid interview with EIX's David Deeds, Ann Winblad, co-founder and managing director of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, shares her war stories -- including her earliest entrepreneurial Read More...
Category: Interviews
Successful Entrepreneurs Take Action
When launching or running a company, doing is better than deliberating. Entrepreneurs need to dig in and get things done. Read More...
Category: Commentary
EIX: A Resource for Entrepreneurship Educators and Their Students
Are you looking for high-quality new material to enrich your entrepreneurship courses and freshen up the syllabus? Are you tired of making students pay for subscription resources? Do your students Read More...
Category: Commentary
How Do You Know When It's Safe to Quit Your Day Job?
On November 29, Rewire hosted a Facebook Live Q&A entitled, "How Do You Know When It's Safe to Quit Your Day Job?," led by David Deeds, Schulze Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Read More...
Category: Commentary
Coronavirus: 10 Things That Family Businesses Can Do Now
COVID-19 is frightening new territory for all of us. Here are 10 strategies for family businesses, based on lessons from past economic crises. Read More...
Category: Commentary
What the economic stimulus plan means for small businesses
Here are some highlights of the plan that startups, small businesses and family businesses should know about, and an important link. Read More...
Category: Commentary
The stimulus package and family businesses
Here are some highlights of the plan that small businesses and family businesses should know about, and an important link. Read More...
Category: Commentary
A Guide to Round 2 of the Stimulus
If you didn’t get help the first time around, get your application in now. Here's what to expect and how to get ready. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Our Best Advice for Powering Through the Crisis
Since March we’ve published many articles about how small businesses, family businesses and startups can survive this pandemic and get ready for what comes next.  Here they are in one place. Read More...
Category: Commentary
To Turn Your Art Into a Business, Learn to Manage Your Time
Many entrepreneurs start out with a passion for the art and the craft they are doing. The ones who make money from it have a passion for the business as well. Read More...
Category: Features
Back to School: Resources for an Uncertain Time
Colleges and universities everywhere are grappling with how to teach in fall of 2020: online only, on campus or a hybrid. These articles will help entrepreneurship educators be prepared for whatever happens. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Round 2 of Covid Relief: What Small Businesses Need to Know
The new wave of relief is designed to keep big companies out. Here is a quick primer of its benefits for startups, family firms and small businesses. Read More...
Category: Commentary
SPACs Create New Opportunities to Exit Your Business
A large amount of capital is suddenly flowing into the market for private companies, potentially increasing their value. It's a seller's market. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Announcing Our 2021 e-Fest Finalists
From nearly 100 submissions, judges have selected the top 25 undergraduate teams to compete at e-Fest, a 3-day celebration of undergraduate entrepreneurship. Read More...
Category: Student Feature
Navigating Thorny Ethical Dilemmas
The University of St. Thomas has developed a tool that helps entrepreneurs facing difficult ethical questions. You can access it from here. Read More...
How Small Firms Can Protect Their Interests in R&D Alliances
Alliances can benefit both sides, but in the process of partnering with the Goliath, the smaller firm may lose trade secrets and talent and undermine their own interests long term.  Read More...
Diversify Your Family's Risks by Returning to Its Entrepreneurial Roots
Don't invest in the market or seek to acquire other firms. Instead, rediscover the thinking that made your business outstanding in the first place. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Townsend and Hughes Are New Senior Editors
As readership continues to rise, David Townsend of Virginia Tech and Mat Hughes of Loughborough University in the UK are joining our team. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Beyond Cool: The Three Keys That Unlock a Thriving Entrepreneurial Economy
"Hipness" is not enough to spur an entrepreneurial renaissance in older regions. The "three Vs" -- volume, visibility and velocity -- can move the needle. Read More...
Florida-Based e-Fest Team in the Spotlight
FSU undergrads Charlie Edbrooke and Patrick Manser invented a device that can make high-quality metal items at home. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Announcing Our e-Fest 2022 Winners
A University of New Hampshire Team was the grand prize winner; runners-up were from University of Alabama, FSU, University of Chicago and Grove City College. Read More...
To Grow, Serve Existing Customers Better or Find New Ones
Evaluate the market, then see if you can get more business from legacy customers or change to meet the needs of a tangential market. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Check Out Our e-Fest 2022 Kickoff Video
Our 2022 e-Fest competition kicked off on April 28 with a video starring all 25 of our finalist teams. Share it with your teammates and friends! Read More...
Category: Commentary
Your Family Needs An Emergency Succession Plan
Most succession plans have a blind spot: they implicitly assume a planned, orderly transition over time. What if the unthinkable happens? Read More...
Category: Commentary

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Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action
TEDxPuget Sound Sep 2009

Simon Sinek presents a simple but very powerful idea: the power of "why," specifically the power of creating a purpose, a cause or a belief that motivates others. If you are leading a startup, group or team, creating a shared purpose is perhaps the most important outcome you can achieve.

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