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Claudia Binz Astrachan

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Successful Successions are Never Smooth
The people involved expect the conflict, view it as natural and do not let it get in the way of things. Here are four tips for the big handoff. Read More...
COVID-19: Understanding the Board’s Key Role During a Crisis
The board must balance the interests of family and business, and help build and preserve commitment and continuity when tough decisions must be made. Read More...
How Values-Based Communication Can Promote Racial Justice and Equality
Messages that proclaim solidarity can backfire if they are perceived as opportunism rather than a genuine commitment to the cause. Is your company walking the talk? Read More...
How Family Dynamics Shape Family Businesses
Want your family business to run more smoothly? Examine your own relationships with parents, siblings and other relatives -- and talk to one another often. Read More...
Research Reveals How Business Families Have Coped With COVID-19
Researchers surveyed more than 1,000 family businesses around the world to see how they're handling the pandemic. Here is what they learned. Read More...
Four Things that the Best Family Business Boards Do Well
Independent directors hold others accountable and encourage change even when firmly entrenched relationships or operating philosophies make it seem impossible. Read More...
Should You Brand Your Family Business? Evidence from Research and Practice
Touting its family ownership may help a firm impress some stakeholders, but may deter others. The family must be strategic in its branding efforts. Read More...
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