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Schulze Distinguished Professor and Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship / School of Business and Economics / University of Leicester

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Too Much Love in the Family Can Hurt
Strong family relationships are good for business, but being too insular will blind the family to great ideas from the outside and actually hurt return on equity. Read More...
Resilience to Resurgence: How to Grow Your Way Out of the Crisis
Everybody is talking about resilience during the pandemic. But resilience alone won't help firms thrive in the post-pandemic world. Read More...
Category: Commentary
How 1,100 Family Firms Grappled with Covid-19
Some are rallying the team, communicating better and discovering strength and resilience. For others, the crisis has made their weaknesses and conflicts worse. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Five Things Family Businesses are Reckoning With Now
This video, also available as a podcast, explores how family businesses are balancing cherished traditions and social capital against the mandate to control costs at a time of economic peril. Read More...
Category: Commentary
To Encourage Innovation, Tap the Next Generation of Leaders
This article and podcast explore how family businesses can keep products and services relevant and avoid playing catch-up with competitors. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Getting Your Family Business Ready for the 'New Normal'
This article and podcast explore how family firms are adapting in a world where uncertainty is the only certainly. This will define their business strategy for years to come. Read More...
Innovating With Agility: Tips and Tricks for Resurgence and Growth
Any crisis brings opportunities to rethink what your family business can do or should do moving into the future. This article and podcast will stimulate reflection. Read More...
How 3 Crises Made a Boat Company More Seaworthy
A Finland-based family business that hadn't innovated in calmer times drew on its heritage and untapped strengths to get it through periods of stress. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Abundant Marketing Resources Can Hinder Family Firm Innovation
Strong market knowledge, great relationships with customers and suppliers, and a well-respected brand can actually deter family businesses from taking necessary risks to introduce something new. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Using Family Values for Business Success
A family's enduring values, fully believed and truly lived, can be a compass in hard times and a competitive advantage. Read More...
Family Business Professors: 34 Ways to Energize Your Class
These free classroom exercises, interviews and other resources will add new energy, fun and inspiration to your students' course work. Read More...
Category: Commentary
'Big Family:' Relatives Outside the Family Business Can Help It Thrive
Too often, family businesses are caught up in their own small circle of relationships. Expanding that circle provides fresh perspectives and helps them thrive. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
To Survive a Crisis, Re-Think Your Family’s Ties
The good will and bonds that family members have with one another and with outside stakeholders can help the business survive. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Succession Planning Should Start Earlier Than You Think
It's never too early to plan for succession and get family members ready for leadership. The authors share ideas from research and practice in this video and podcast. Read More...
Category: Commentary
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