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Josip Kotlar

Associate Professor of Strategy, Innovation & Family Business / School of Management / Politecnico di Milano

Twitter: @JKotlar
Interest: Family Business

Authored Resources

Case Studies, Movies, TV Shows and Other Family Business Resources
Technology is changing how students learn, and we need to look beyond the textbook. Start here. Read More...
Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Family Firms: An Assessment Tool
Family businesses are nimble enough to innovate, but often hesitate. This assessment tool can help. Read More...
Using Family History for Competitive Advantage
The family history of the acclaimed Manchester-based restaurant Sweet Mandarin, recounted in the owner's book, builds strong ties with customers and other stakeholders. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
How Famous Family Firms Use Their History to Connect With Stakeholders
Tangible items like postcards, photos or old accounting books evoke stories that become part of a family's legacy, which can create good will with the outside world. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
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