Connecting Business Research to Practice

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Markets are a strong mechanism that force entrepreneurs to produce outputs that are useful to customers. Ironically and sadly, schools that groom future entrepreneurs too often don’t consider them as customers when they decide which topics to research. Universities need to switch their focus towards research that will benefit practicing entrepreneurs and business people, rather than their own citation count.

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Jon Eckhardt

Jon Eckhardt

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Distinguished Professor / Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship / University of Wisconsin-Madison
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James Wetherbe

James Wetherbe

Richard Schulze Distinguished Professor / Rawls College of Business / Texas Tech University
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DOI: 10.17919/X9NK54
Eckhardt, J., & Wetherbe, J. (2016, February 9). Connecting business research to practice. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange. Retrieved January 20, 2019, from


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