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Entrepreneurship's Moral Minefields: A Conversation with Steve Blank
The "Father of Modern Entrepreneurship" talks about the moral challenges faced by startup founders and entrepreneurs. Read More...
Startup Founders: You Can't Get Back Family Time
An occasional terrific weekend or long vacation is not enough. Putting the kids to bed, having dinners with them and reading them stories matters far more. Read More...
Category: Commentary
A Lean Startup Approach to Engaging High School Students
EDITOR’S NOTE: Doris Korda spent more than a decade at Bell Labs and in several corporate ventures, one of which became a billion dollar software business. She made the switch to education 22 years Read More...
Tom Golisano: Built Not Born
Tom Golisano is the founder and CEO of Paychex, which went from a shoestring operation to a $3.8 billion company with more than 15,000 employees. His book's 184 pages are filled with lessons for new Read More...
Paychex Founder Tom Golisano's Advice for Innovators
The founder of the $4 billion payroll processing company talks with us about challenging conventional wisdom, complimenting competitors, the pitfalls of sharing equity and what he looks for as an investor. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Timeless Lessons from Dick Schulze
While "Becoming the Best" was published a decade ago, the takeaways from Dick Schulze's book remain great operating principles for anyone who runs a business. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Professors and Experts: Would You Like Your Articles to be Read?
Entrepreneurship professors and other experts can take a cue from Super Bowl ads to encourage more entrepreneurs to discover and learn from their research. Read More...
Serial Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Noah Alper of Noah's Bagels
The founder of Noah's and several other companies candidly discusses his hits and misses -- and shares more than a schmear of great advice for new entrepreneurs. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Intrapreneurship Can Turbocharge Companies
Innovating within an established firm isn't easy. Author Jim Euchner offers a set of complementary tools and processes to help intrapreneurs successfully drive change. Read More...
EIX, Family Business Reach New Heights: 3.5 Million Visitors
Together the sites attracted more than 5.8 million page views. is now the world’s most-visited website for family firms. Read More...
Category: Commentary
EIX Partners With the Journal of Business Venturing
Alliance aims to bring the research-proven insights and advice to business owners and startups.  Read More...
Category: Commentary
Celebrating International Women's Day 2023
EIX and have a library of articles with research-based best practices for entrepreneurial women. Check them out here. Read More...
Category: Commentary
International Women's Day 2023: Resources for Family Business Women
284 views and EIX have dozens of articles sharing best practices for entrepreneurial women. You can find them here. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Announcing Our New Partnership With Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ETP) is a leading journal in entrepreneurship research with a 5-year impact factor of 14.105. We are pleased to announce our new partnership with ETP. Read More...
Category: Commentary
EIX's Editorial Guidelines for the Use of Generative AI Tools
You are welcome to use these tools to help draft, revise, and/or expand on submitted articles -- but make sure you understand our rules. Read More...
Category: Commentary

Editor's Picks

"Built Not Born"
Tom Golisano, Harper Collins Leadership, 2020

Tom Golisano is the founder and CEO of Paychex, which went from a shoestring operation to a $3.8 billion company with more than 15,000 employees. His book's 184 pages are filled with lessons for new entrepreneurs, based on what Golisano learned the hard way, and with rollicking tales of his first entrepreneurial ventures. It's a quick read that sounds more like a conversation with a very wise mentor.

Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

By all accounts, DaVinci was a genius. But along with the Mona Lisa and Vitruvian Man, he also had a long trail of inventions that never panned out and ideas that never went anywhere. This book delves into the polymath's fascinating processes, his successes and frustrations, and holds lessons for innovators everywhere. Don't miss the last chapter, where Isaacson summarizes the key things that entrepreneurs can learn from Leonardo.

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