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Joseph Astrachan

Emeritus Professor of Management / Coles College of Business Kennesaw State University / Generation6 | Family Enterprise Advisors and ,Jönköping University (CeFEO)

Authored Resources

Developing responsible owners in family business
The next generation of owners is crucial to the family firm's survival. The process of getting them ready and instilling the right attitudes should start early. Read More...
COVID-19: Understanding the Board’s Key Role During a Crisis
The board must balance the interests of family and business, and help build and preserve commitment and continuity when tough decisions must be made. Read More...
How Family Dynamics Shape Family Businesses
Want your family business to run more smoothly? Examine your own relationships with parents, siblings and other relatives -- and talk to one another often. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Family Businesses Must Plan for the Unthinkable
A year ago nobody saw a pandemic coming. What we've learned: a dash of "productive paranoia" will help family business leadership anticipate future threats. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Four Things that the Best Family Business Boards Do Well
Independent directors hold others accountable and encourage change even when firmly entrenched relationships or operating philosophies make it seem impossible. Read More...
The Best Family Business Boards Embrace Candor and 'Necessary Endings'
Boards are there to help you be more successful. Here's more advice on how family business leaders can harness their board's full potential. Read More...
Family CEO Burnout: How to Prevent, Recognize and Deal With It
How can leaders keep themselves from getting worn down or recognize burnout in themselves? And what should family members do if they see their leader struggling? Read More...
Category: Commentary
Don't Send Your Kids to Work Outside the Family Business Just Yet!
It's naturally assumed that future leaders should toil in the trenches somewhere else first, but this has some significant drawbacks. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Do You Treat In-Laws Like the Family Business Outlaws ?
Families differ in their willingness to integrate outsiders into their family circle, but be careful: these actions influence the included or excluded individuals in different ways. Read More...
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