Daughters prepare to lead family firms

Daughters prepare to lead family firms
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Published: November 23, 2020
Updated: November 21, 2023
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Daughters are increasingly assuming leadership roles at family firms. In this video, familybusiness.org Editor Kimberly Eddleston talks with two Northeastern University students who will join their family firms after graduation: Angelina Kljat, whose family runs an international agricultural company in Kazakhstan, and Joanna Jacob, whose family owns a large Indonesian shipping company. Both women talk about the expectations of their families back home, their worries and their hopes for the future.  The takeaway: Figure out how you want to contribute, be confident and know your value.

Kimberly Eddleston
Kimberly Eddleston
Schulze Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship / D'Amore-McKim School of Business / Northeastern University
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