Are Business Plans Really Necessary?

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For a new venture, a business plan is an essential part of attracting investment and ensuring success.  Or is it? In this spirited discussion, reminiscent of "Point/Counterpoint," Eapen Chacko of GrowthFire, LLC, and Brent Goldfarb of the University of Maryland argue both sides but part friends.

Eapen Chacko

Eapen Chacko

Advisor / Queblo, Inc.
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Brent Goldfarb

Brent Goldfarb

Associate Professor / Robert H. Smith School of Business / University of Maryland
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Publication Endorsement Editor

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DOI: 10.17919/X90P4W
Chacko, E., & Goldfarb, B. (2016, October 31). Are business plans really necessary?. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange. Retrieved November 14, 2018, from


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