'I’ll See You in Court?' There’s a Better Way for Businesses 

When we think about legal help, we often picture a judge, a courtroom full of people, and enormous media involvement if the companies are well-known. Navigating court procedures is a time-intensive Read More...

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Author: Chandima Weerakondabaduge

Students Use Lean Startup to Tackle Defense Challenges

  EDITOR’S NOTE: Pete Newell is a nationally recognized innovation expert whose work is transforming how the government and other large organizations compete and drive growth. He is the CEO of Read More...

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Author: Peter Newell

How To Know When You Need a Lawyer (and How To Find the Right One)

A risk-reward dynamic any entrepreneur must learn to balance is deciding when your firm needs a lawyer. Had Personal Software filed a patent on its app Visicalc, for example, Visicalc would today Read More...

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Author: Dustin Slade

New YouTube Series: One Minute of Wisdom for Busy Entrepreneurs

Not everyone has time to keep up with the best thinking on founding, funding, or growing a startup, especially if they have just launched a business or  if they have a day job . That is why EIX Read More...

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Author: John Buday

The ABCs of Creating an Innovative Company

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many entrepreneurs struggle to define innovation: whether it’s a product or a process; a radical or gradual change; and even a threat or an opportunity. However, in a world where AI Read More...

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Author: Steve Wunker

Twins Can Be a Family Business's Superpower Editor-in-Chief Kimberly Eddleston talks with two sets of twins working in their families' consulting firms -- Jenny Dinnen and Katie Rucker of MacKenzie Corporation , and James Read More...

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Author: Kimberly Eddleston

Our Mission: Bringing You Research-Based Business Insights

This month, the EIX platform marks its 10 th anniversary. Along with our anniversary, we are also celebrating a milestone in viewership: We will achieve 12 million page views for the academic year Read More...

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Author: Jon Eckhardt

Announcing the Winning Teams for e-Fest 2024

Left to right: Laura Dunham, Dean of the Opus College of Business; Rob Vischer, President of the University of St. Thomas; Grand Champions Vienna Sparks and Skye Lam of the MabLab team from Harvard Read More...

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Author: Jennifer Gessner

Entrepreneurship in the Era of Disinformation

EDITOR'S NOTE: Steve Blank has had a celebrated career as a serial entrepreneur and founder of the Lean Startup movement, which for the first time gave startups a methodology for success. He received Read More...

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Author: Steve Blank

Meeting the Needs of Midlife Entrepreneurs

Changing demographics, economic upheavals, and other factors have led to a big increase in people who choose to start their own businesses late in life. The  Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Read More...

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Author: David Deeds