Parental Divorce Affects Future Entrepreneurial Success

A child’s upbringing within his or her family often sows the seeds of entrepreneurial success later in life. Yet, families today are increasingly fragile, and many entrepreneurs have experienced Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Authors: Mateja Andric , Josh Hsueh , Thomas Zellweger and Isabella Hatak

New YouTube Series: One Minute of Wisdom for Busy Entrepreneurs

Not everyone has time to keep up with the best thinking on founding, funding, or growing a startup, especially if they have just launched a business or  if they have a day job . That is why EIX Read More...

Category: Commentary

Author: John Buday

From Here to Net Zero: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Sustainable Transportation    

The transportation industry, and the shift to renewable energy, is ripe with opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators who yearn to help shape a more sustainable future and boost their own Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Oksana Gerwe and Dominique Houde

For VCs, Communities May Matter More Than Connections

Whether in the science parks of Shenzhen in China or the coffee shops of Silicon Valley in the United States, vibrant communities of investors, entrepreneurs, and experts drive progress by fostering Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Authors: Xiaoteng Wu , Arzi Adbi and Pasha Mahmood

Why Do I Need a Change Management Plan?

  "Change before you have to." This maxim, credited to former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, is a pithy reminder that being able to manage change skillfully is not an option but a necessity Read More...

Category: Features

Author: Rachel Leland

Building a Change Team

In business, change is inevitable. The ability to adapt to and embrace change is often the linchpin of success. "Embracing it requires a delicate balance of communication, vision and engagement," Read More...

Category: Features

Author: Jennifer Nelson

The Operating Leverage Ratio Imperative for Early Stage Ventures

Professors April Spivack  and Michael Morris integrated operating leverage as a component of a firm’s economic input when describing their Entrepreneur’s Profit Model .  Operating Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Author: Phil Greenwood

The Entrepreneur's Dilemma: How Do You Know When It's Hopeless?

Many entrepreneurs launch a venture with great certainty, passion, and grand hopes for the future. However, at some point the dream begins to dim. They might receive negative feedback about their Read More...

Category: Interviews

Author: Vincent DeFilippo

Can Entrepreneurs Innovate Without Disrupting Industries?

Editor’s note: Prof. Carton is an expert on strategy frameworks. He is especially interested in how strategy ideas develop over time and how they get used and shared in organizations. In this Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Author: Guillaume Carton

SNL Humor Can Illustrate [Un]Viable Business Models

In a very funny 2014 skit from Saturday Night Live, Melissa McCarthy plays a founder with a business idea – personally eating people’s leftover pizza – and is trying to get a small business Read More...

Category: Education and Teaching

Authors: Danielle Ailts Campeau and Michelle Somes-Booher