From Chalkboards to Chatbots: The New Age of Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneurship teachers can't afford to be bystanders in today's technology-driven world.  If we are bystanders, our students follow suit. If they are bystanders, we have not fulfilled our Read More...

Category: Education and Teaching

Author: Doan Winkel

SNL Humor Can Illustrate [Un]Viable Business Models

In a very funny 2014 skit from Saturday Night Live, Melissa McCarthy plays a founder with a business idea – personally eating people’s leftover pizza – and is trying to get a small business Read More...

Category: Education and Teaching

Authors: Danielle Ailts Campeau and Michelle Somes-Booher

Family Business Professors: 34 Ways to Energize Your Class

  For family business professors and teachers, August means finalizing plans to engage students in the classroom. Here are free classroom exercises, interviews, case studies and other resources Read More...

Category: Commentary

Authors: Kimberly Eddleston and Mat Hughes