For VCs, Communities May Matter More Than Connections

Whether in the science parks of Shenzhen in China or the coffee shops of Silicon Valley in the United States, vibrant communities of investors, entrepreneurs, and experts drive progress by fostering Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Authors: Xiaoteng Wu , Arzi Adbi and Pasha Mahmood

Micro Venture Capital: A Growing Source of Startup Funding

The venture capital industry has witnessed a surge in investments by micro venture capital (or “micro VC”) firms, which have emerged as a crucial player in the startup ecosystem. These are Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Authors: Mario Daniele Amore , Annamaria Conti and Valerio Pelucco

Pitching and Evaluating a Venture: The Case of TeamGenius

How can entrepreneurs build a case for external investment, and how do investors evaluate the ventures pitched to them? This case offers some answers to these questions. It’s likely to be of Read More...

Category: Education and Teaching

Authors: Jay Ebben and Alec Johnson

Being Coachable Can Pay Off for Founders – Up to a Point

Entrepreneurs often benefit from the advice and support of great mentors and investors who want to work with them. One powerful way entrepreneurs can attract great mentors and investors is to improve Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Chaim Letwin , Michael Ciuchta , Regan Stevenson and Sean McMahon

How Tech Startups Protect Against the Downside of Corporate Venture Capital

Many large corporations are making corporate venture capital (CVC) investments in tech startups. While the innovation benefits for these corporations have received much attention in the business Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Yannick Bammens and Jakob Lilienweiss

 ‘Entrepreneurial Deal Analysis’ Course Energizes Students

This spring, the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship experimented with a new “Entrepreneurial Deal Analysis” course for undergraduate students. For years we’ve seen a huge student interest in Read More...

Category: Education and Teaching

Authors: Jay Ebben and Jack Dempsey

Is Structure Good or Bad for Startups?

After the emergence of the Lean Startup, many entrepreneurs choose to test the market for their product and run a lot of experiments before scaling their businesses. At the same time, some take a Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Author: Andrea Contigiani

a16z Brings Thought Leadership to the Valley

Back in the depths of the Great Recession, two World Wide Web pioneers set up shop on Menlo Park, Calif.’s venture capital enclave, Sand Hill Road. Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz of early Web Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Robert Buday , Charles Eesley and James C Wetherbe

We Talk with Wes Schroll, CEO of Fetch Rewards, Softbank's latest Unicorn

On April 1, Madison, Wisconsin-based company Fetch Rewards became a unicorn, with a  $210 million  investment round lead by SoftBank VisionFund 2. EIX Editor in Chief Jon Eckhardt Read More...

Category: Interviews

Author: Jon Eckhardt

Media Attention Helps Private Equity Firms Attract Resources

New firms can attract resources by sending out signals about their quality. They do this because a new firm’s quality is often uncertain and hard to observe. But we don’t know much about what Read More...

Category: Commentary

Author: Tom Vanacker