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Founder CEO Passion in Selling the IPO
EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was produced in partnership with Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, a leading academic journal, as part of our effort to highlight some of the cutting edge research being Read More...
To Attract Crowdfunding, Mystify Them With Your Logo
It’s been well documented that the design of a label or logo can play a big role in shaping what people think of a brand  and whether they buy (Luffarelli et al., 2018; Stamatogiannakis et Read More...
Technical Specialized Knowledge and Founder Leadership at Initial Public Offering
In 2003 Noam Wasserman introduced the term “Paradox of Success” to describe how software company founders were more likely to be replaced as their startups attracted more capital or went Read More...
Research Insight: Proven Entrepreneurs May Benefit Less from Partnering With Experienced VCs
In 2000, the New England Patriots football team chose University of Michigan quarterback Tom Brady in the sixth round of the draft. He became the starting quarterback barely two years later, and on Read More...


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