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Trust Me: I'm a Salesman
Entrepreneurs must believe in their products or services deeply enough to explain their worth to potential customers or clients. For most, this means learning to sell for the very first time -- an Read More...
Category: Commentary
Thriving or Trapped in the Family Business?
For some individuals, working in a family business can be an incredible gift.  For others, it's a prison without any chance of parole.  For those who are feeling trapped in the family Read More...
Category: Commentary
Author: Michael Klein
When entrepreneurs raise entrepreneurs
Family businesses are the backbone of many economies. However, many potential successors of family businesses decide not to join the family business at first, but to become entrepreneurs themselves. Read More...
How Family Firms Can Innovate With Less
Family firms often face limits on the financial and human capital available to them. But in Germany, a class of small- to medium-sized businesses known as the "Mittlestand" has learned to transcend Read More...
Category: Commentary
'There's No Birthright' and Other Tips for Raising Entrepreneurial Leaders
Joe Brito, the third-generation head of C.B. Utility Co. in Bristol, Rhode Island, started his career in the family business as a laborer.  He firmly believes that anybody entering their family Read More...
Category: Commentary
How Family Business Leaders Can Encourage Both Devotion and Performance
Family businesses have unique strengths and unique problems because they blend two identities -- "family" and "business" -- whose priorities are often at odds. While the family identity nurtures Read More...
Outside Leadership Can Save the Family Business
Cultures around the world acknowledge just how difficult it can be for a family-run enterprise to sustain itself over time. Many have their own version of the adage that family businesses go from Read More...
Category: Commentary
Author: Robert Sher
Learn to Defend Your Family Firm
While the world around them is changing at a faster and faster pace in the midst of uncertainty, family firms are often a beacon of stability and dependability in our society. Although subject to the Read More...
How New Solo Entrepreneurs Can Think Through Their Finances
Today people can no longer count on a steady paycheck in a predictable amount from an employer. We're seeing ever-growing numbers of “unintended entrepreneurs” -- once-employed people forced to Read More...
Author: Roy Carriker
Choosing a Board of Directors for a Family Business
It's important that current or future members of a family business understand best practices for assembling a Board of Directors (BOD). That's why we explore this in depth as part of a basic family Read More...
Author: Whitney Peake


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