From Startup to Midsized Company: Managing the Growing Pains

  With a great product, smart strategy and lots of hard work, a startup can mature into a midsized company, defined as a firm with between $10 million and $1 billion in revenue. This stage is Read More...

Category: Interviews

Author: Kimberly Eddleston

'Home Field Advantage' Works in Business as well as Baseball

founder’s age, education, and marital status; and financial resources such as the founder’s household wealth Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Authors: Olav Sorenson and Michael S. Dahl

Technical Specialized Knowledge and Founder Leadership at Initial Public Offering

Wealth and the Effects of Founder Management among IPO-Stage New Ventures.” Read More...

Category: Theory and Research

Authors: Jon Eckhardt , Marc Junkunc and Mingxiang Li

Our Best Advice for Powering Through the Crisis

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Kiwi Crisis Management New Zealand escaped relatively unscathed from Read More...

Category: Commentary

Author: David Deeds

Foundations Give Entrepreneurs a Channel for Doing Good

Family foundations give them a way to use their wealth to address societal problems or to help organizations Read More...

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Author: Kimberly Eddleston

The Big Role Older Entrepreneurs Play in Business Innovation

With a wealth of knowledge gained over years of experience, older Americans are well positioned to put Read More...

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Authors: Seth Levine and Elizabeth MacBride

10 Tips for a Blog that Builds Readership and Business

One of our clients in wealth management began blogging, and within a year, she had landed two large clients Read More...

Category: Commentary

Authors: David Goetz and Melissa Parks

The New Normal: Overcoming Post-Pandemic Challenges to Survival and Growth

At EIX and familybusiness.org many of our best-read articles in 2020 and 2021 gave advice on managing Read More...

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Authors: Daniel Forbes and Kimberly Eddleston

Protect Your Business From Cyberattacks

Fortunately, entrepreneurs and their employees can use free password management software to help them Read More...

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Author: Joseph Simpson