Science Parks Connect Entrepreneurs and Public Resources in Emerging Economies

confer a “halo of legitimacy” on unknown products that make it through the gauntlet.[1]  Our research Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Author: Charles Eesley

Dick Schulze Reflects on EIX and FamilyBusiness.org's Decade of Impact

Today they draw a global audience and are the top sources of peer-reviewed, research-based articles written Read More...

Category: Interviews

Author: Catherine Buday

Attract and Retain the Best People As You Grow

was launched in 2011 to bring more understanding and attention to middle market companies through research Read More...

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Author: Doug Farren

3 Profitable Home Businesses Launched in the Pandemic

He filled in podcast knowledge gaps with research from Google and the New York Public Library, which Read More...

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Author: Margie Zable Fisher

Entrepreneurship in an Era of Digital Transformation

My research into virtual human resource development (Bennett, 2009, 2014) illustrates how employees learn Read More...

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Author: Elisabeth E. Bennett, PhD

How MIT Helped Cultivate Generations of Entrepreneurs

be useful in class teachings and as the bases for broadening the samples here into larger focused research Read More...

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Authors: Edward Roberts and Daniel Forbes

Paychex Founder Tom Golisano's Advice for Innovators

Since we couldn’t do online research back then I went to the library, and found out that 98% of all employers Read More...

Category: Interviews

Authors: Catherine Buday and Jon Eckhardt