Vascugenix Assists Cardiovascular Surgeons in the Operating Room

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the seventh in a series of articles featuring past winners of e-Fest, EIX's undergraduate business plan competition, and their journey since then. Cardiovascular surgeons need Read More...

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Author: John Buday

Women Entrepreneurs Have Limited Chances to Lead Their New Businesses

entrepreneurial teams can be reduced when people adopt organizational templates, such as signing a formal operating Read More...

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Author: Howard E. Aldrich

How New Solo Entrepreneurs Can Think Through Their Finances

Adding up the monthly losses until this is achieved gives the startup’s Cumulative Operating Loss. Read More...

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Author: Roy Carriker

Worth Sharing: An Italian Entrepreneur Confronts the Crisis

I would move immediately to protect my business, but only taking actions that would not disrupt operations Read More...

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Author: Daniel Van Der Vliet

Diversify Your Family's Risks by Returning to Its Entrepreneurial Roots

the family’s wealth can lead to underinvestment in the existing firm, shortchanging investment in operations Read More...

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Author: David Deeds

5 Benefits of Having a Multigenerational Family Business

business grows and evolves, it begins to benefit from the many generations running the day-to-day operations Read More...

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Author: Jessica Thiefels

Native American Entrepreneurship is Expanding

Or the 139 tribally owned-and-operated firework stands.

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Author: Chris Farrell

The Next Generation Can Help the Family Firm Innovate

And through the course of time, obviously became experienced with how that particular business operated Read More...

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Authors: Richard Schulze and Ritch Sorenson

Will Older Small Business Owners Finally Get the Pandemic Help They Need?

It’s operated and co-managed by her son Rorry Garrett II and her husband, Roderick Hirsch, Jr. Read More...

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Author: Chris Farrell

Why Many People Really Start Businesses in Retirement

“I didn’t want to manage staff or operate according to any schedule outside of my own or deal with administrative Read More...

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Author: Richard Eisenberg