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Research Reveals How Business Families Have Coped With COVID-19
For this research, we surveyed over 1,000 family businesses around the world, with the objective to identify the most effective measures to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. What sets our research Read More...
The Potential Downside of Having Non-Family Board Members
By Alfredo DeMassis, Lorraine Uhlaner, Ann Jorrissen and Yan Du It's been generally accepted that family firms benefit from the perspectives of outsiders on the board of directors. Outsiders can Read More...
Family Office Continuity in the Time of COVID19
As the Covid-19 virus spreads rapidly through the United States, most of the U.S. universities, businesses, government agencies, and school systems began a massive push to work from home or attend Read More...
COVID-19: Understanding the Board’s Key Role During a Crisis
A board’s oversight and guidance, based on the expertise, experience and personal qualities of its members, has always helped drive business success and survival.  But now, as the COVID-19 Read More...


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