Should You Sell or Hold That Patent?

Approximately 16% of patents change hands during their lifetime. A patent in the right hands can be a win-win for both the buying and selling firms, as well as for consumers who can benefit from the Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Jung H. Kwon , Haemin Dennis Park and Shu Deng

Getting Married? Protect Your Business Venture With a Prenup

A prenuptial agreement (prenup) is a legal contract between prospective spouses to modify the terms of their marriage that would otherwise be governed by state law. Although a prenup does not mean Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: James Hoffman and Dwight Kealy

How Small Firms Can Protect Their Interests in R&D Alliances

Small companies with a promising technology or service often look to partner with bigger firms to get access to money, distribution channels and manufacturing facilities they need to help their Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Jason Pattit and David Deeds

What the Bob Ross Fight Can Teach Business Owners

Editor’s note: This article is co-written by a member of the board of editors at EIX.org from The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, which is a funder of a Next Avenue. The new, buzzy Netflix Read More...

Category: Features

Authors: Kimberly Eddleston and Jonas Ruzek

More Legal Pitfalls that Startups Should Avoid

This is Part 2 of Legal Pitfalls to Avoid in Founding a Startup, where we continue our discussion of common legal, regulatory, and fundraising mistakes that derail even the most promising startups. Read More...

Category: Practice Insight

Author: Paul Swegle

Seven Legal Pitfalls Your Startup Should Avoid

  Fail fast is a catchy phrase intended to suggest moving on quickly if a business idea flops. It should not be taken as a license to recklessly trip over basic legal, regulatory, or fundraising Read More...

Category: Practice Insight

Author: Paul Swegle

#MeToo is Changing the Game for Startups

The #MeToo era has created new challenges for entrepreneurs and startups. Cautionary tales abound of startups whose hard-partying culture resulted in sexual harassment, hostile work environments and Read More...

Category: Commentary

Author: Kimberly Eddleston

Why You Should Have a Lawyer on Your Startup Board

In 1979, Personal Software began selling Visicalc, the first personal computer spreadsheet. Visicalc was so compelling, people bought Apple II computers just so they could use Visicalc, making it the Read More...

Category: Commentary

Author: Dustin Slade

Class Explores Legal Aspects of Business Entities

In 2011, I created a Law and the Entrepreneur course at Bradley University. It was the first course on its campus created for its new Turner School of Entrepreneurship. This course is exclusively for Read More...

Category: Education and Teaching

Author: Tanya Marcum

When Kickstarter Campaigns Don’t Deliver: A Case Study of Phenom Fabrics

Introduction In October of 2014, Frances Courtepointe 1 started a Kickstarter campaign for her venture Phenom Fabrics 1 . She promised hand dyed fabric "fat-quarter" cuts -  a 18” x 22” Read More...

Category: Theory and Research

Authors: Eden Blair and Tanya Marcum