A Tech Entrepreneur's Journey: Hard Work and Smart Risks

A Tech Entrepreneur's Journey: Hard Work and Smart Risks
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Published: December 3, 2019
Updated: February 16, 2020
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David Bateman, Co-CEO and Founder of SitePro, Inc., has learned the art of launching a great product through hard work and smart risks. His $60 million company makes technology solutions that help energy companies monitor operations, pinpoint problems and deploy troubleshooters to the right places at the right time -- saving the companies wasted effort, time and money. In this interview with EIX's Jim Wetherbe, the 34-year-old Texas Tech graduate talks about how he honed his entrepreneurial skills after an ice storm, what he learned after damaging his father's truck, and how he works with mentors. He also shares some valuable advice to help time-stressed founders zero in on what's important.

James C Wetherbe
James C Wetherbe
Richard Schulze Distinguished Professor / Rawls College of Business / Texas Tech University
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