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Should I Participate in a Business Accelerator?
Even some experienced entrepreneurs don't understand how business accelerators operate and what they can do. Read More...
Gimme Shelter: ABODO's Slocum Talks About his Apartment-Hunting Breakthrough
Alec Slocum started his smartphone-based apartment-hunting service, ABODO, after being frustrated in his own search for shelter. He sat down recently with Jon Eckhardt to talk about how he launched Read More...
Category: Interviews
How Eric Martell Cooked up a 'Digital Food Court'
Eric Martell co-founded EatStreet as a 19-year-old to create a "digital food court" and online ordering for mom-and-pop restaurants serving hungry college students. His startup has now grown to 110 Read More...
Category: Interviews
The Odyssey of Isomark's Life-Saving Technology
Joe Kremer's company, Isomark, provides life-saving technology that can detect potentially deadly illnesses early through a simple breath test. In this interview Kremer talks about how Isomark was Read More...
Category: Interviews
How Matt Younkle Changed Music Collecting
Vinyl, CDs or cloud? Meet the entrepreneur behind the service that helps music collectors have it all. Read More...
Category: Interviews
The Art of Entrepreneurship, from Toni Sikes of CODAworx
In her years as an entrepreneur, Toni Sikes has focused on helping artists find people who will pay for their work. Here's her advice for new entrepreneurs. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Connecting Business Research to Practice
Markets are a strong mechanism that force entrepreneurs to produce outputs that are useful to customers. Ironically and sadly, schools that groom future entrepreneurs too often don’t consider Read More...
For the Best Customer Data, Look Beyond the Market
Hobbyists and passionate "early adopters" often point the way to potential commercial successes. Read More...
Research Insight: Proven Entrepreneurs May Benefit Less from Partnering With Experienced VCs
Like the football execs who try to pick future Super Bowl standouts, VCs often take a chance on businesses led by unproven entrepreneurs. It takes experience to spot the diamond in the rough. Read More...
T-Shirt Project Teaches Customer Discovery to Future Entrepreneurs
Many entrepreneurship professors want to provide students with applied learning experiences. Yet, implementing an applied project in a large, introductory entrepreneurship course can be a challenge. Read More...
Technical Specialized Knowledge and Founder Leadership at Initial Public Offering
Founders have staying power when they have deep knowledge that is important to their company’s commercial success but hard to share with others. Read More...
An Interview with David Teece, a Practicing Business Intellectual
Professor David Teece is one of the impactful business scholars of his generation. His research has been cited over 128,474 times according to Google Scholar. His work is required reading for Ph.D. Read More...
Category: Commentary
James Wetherbe: How Consulting Connects Colleges to the Real World
Academics can make their research more meaningful and useful by engaging with businesses and their real-world problems. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Driving Impactful Research: A Conversation with Charles Dhanaraj
Charles Dhanaraj is the Executive Director of the Translational Research Center at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and the H. F. Lenfest Professor of Strategy. He is an expert in Read More...
Category: Commentary
Producing Research Entrepreneurs Can Use
Entrepreneurs often perceive a gap between research conducted in academia, and the practical problems that they face when building companies. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Technology Tools for Working or Teaching Remotely
While many entrepreneurs and teachers prefer being in the same room, working effectively online can save the day (or the semester) during a crisis. Read More...
Rob Roquitte of eCIO: Growing a business during a crisis
  In this video, Jon Eckhardt interviews Rob Roquitte about building his pre-seed stage company that he started before the COVID-19 pandemic. Roquitte's company, eCIO , helps nonprofit Read More...
Category: Interviews
Past e-Fest Winners Continue Innovating
Participating in e-Fest gave undergraduate innovators not only capital for their businesses, but also connections, confidence and valuable experience. We caught up with teams from 2019 and 2022. Read More...
Category: Student Feature
Paychex Founder Tom Golisano's Advice for Innovators
The founder of the $4 billion payroll processing company talks with us about challenging conventional wisdom, complimenting competitors, the pitfalls of sharing equity and what he looks for as an investor. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Timeless Lessons from Dick Schulze
While "Becoming the Best" was published a decade ago, the takeaways from Dick Schulze's book remain great operating principles for anyone who runs a business. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Learn From Leaders: Developing an Idea
The founders and CEOS of Best Buy, Minute Clinic, LegalZoom and other successful companies share their advice for early-stage entrepreneurs in our exclusive video series. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Learn from Leaders #2: Getting the Financing Your Venture Needs to Survive
In Part 2 of our exclusive video series, celebrated entrepreneurs discuss how they convinced early investors and lenders to take a chance on them. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Learn From Leaders #3: Advisors and Mentors
Mentors and carefully chosen advisors can help founders make sound decisions. Watch and learn how these advocates helped shape MinuteClinic, LegalZoom and other firms. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Learn from Leaders #4: Building a Team
As part of our exclusive video series, leaders of celebrated companies discuss how to attract and incentivize your startup team, and how those teams can evolve as the company matures.  Read More...
Category: Interviews
Learn from Leaders #5: Growing the Business
Once you've established a new company, how do you get it to the next level? Founders of celebrated companies share their experiences in our exclusive video series. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Learn From Leaders: Famous Founders' Best Advice for New Ventures
These five exclusive videos focus on the critical steps in launching a company: developing an idea, getting financing, advisors and mentors, building a team and growing the business. Read More...
Category: Commentary
We Talk with Wes Schroll, CEO of Fetch Rewards, Softbank's latest Unicorn
This interview is a preview of EIX's upcoming customer development series, a series of interviews with entrepreneurs building technology companies who share insights on customer discovery and customer development. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Software is Eating the Software That's Eating the World
Software companies that initially gained traction by reducing complexity are now facing the threat of disruption from startups that reduce complexity even more. Read More...
Building a Company Step By Step, Ch. 1: How Startups are Different
Our new feature explores the principles outlined in Steve Blank and Bob Dorf's book, "The Startup Owners Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company." Read More...
Category: Interviews
Building a Company Step by Step, Ch. 2: The Path to the Epiphany
Chapter 2 of our series features an interview with Max Fergus of LÜM, an alternative streaming platform that helps emerging musicians connect more authentically with fans. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Building a Company Step By Step Ch. 3: An Introduction to Customer Discovery
We interview Taralinda Willis of Curate, which gives customers access to information from from public committee meetings, agendas and minutes. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Building a Company Step By Step, Ch. 4: Your Customer Hypothesis
Serial entrepreneur Brian Wiegand, co-founder of six companies, talks about whether founders should be visionaries or managers of uncertainty. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Building a Company Step By Step, Chapter 5: Get Out of the Building
Structure matters when going through the customer discovery process, but startup founder Rachel Carpenter notes that sometimes you just need to wing it. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Building a Company Step by Step, Ch 6: Testing and Pivoting
This interview with Alex Yampolsky, co-founder and chief operating officer of Vytal Health, focuses on the importance of testing your proposed product or service and knowing when to pivot.   Read More...
Category: Interviews
Building a Business Step by Step Ch. 7: Verify the Business Model
The co-founders of Laquerus turned down lucrative job offers to start a nail salon. Here's how it evolved and what comes next. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Building a Company Step by Step Ch. 11: Product and Company Positioning
Corey Capasso of Urbint talks about his company's evolving role in providing technology to prevent infrastructure disasters. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Building a Company Step by Step, Ch. 8: Introduction to Customer Validation
This chapter discusses the importance of testing and experimenting to determine how a product or service will be sold, before committing resources towards something that may not work out.  Read More...
Category: Interviews
Challenge for 2022: Innovating Despite Uncertainty
Our best-read articles in 2021 overwhelmingly fell into two themes: survival, and bringing a great idea from concept to market. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Building a Company Step By Step Ch. 10: Get Out of the Building and Sell
Madison-based Fetch Rewards, which helps consumers get rewards from their grocery shopping, attracted a $210 million investment. Read More...
Category: Interviews
The Silicon Valley Bank Bust: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know
Don't panic. These eight steps can help entrepreneurs protect their ventures. Read More...
What Family Businesses Need to Know About the Silicon Valley Bank Failure
The SVB fallout is affecting other banks and troubling many business owners. These eight steps can help you protect your firm. Read More...
EIX's Editorial Guidelines for the Use of Generative AI Tools
You are welcome to use these tools to help draft, revise, and/or expand on submitted articles -- but make sure you understand our rules. Read More...
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The Startup Owner's Manual
Blank, Steve, and Bob Dorf. 2012. The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company. K&S Ranch, Inc.

Steve Blank is a former entrepreneur and teacher who invests in startups; Bob Dorf has a background in venture capital. Their book helps entrepreneurs follow a process that will reduce their risks of over-investing in ideas too quickly, and likely improves the odds that entrepreneurs are on the right path by discovering a way to meet the needs of an unknown body of customers in a way that's repeatable. The book’s processes for entrepreneurs are very similar to the scientific process that scholars use to discover make new inventions and new academic discoveries. The book is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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