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Isabel C Botero

Faculty Member / Management & Entrepreneurship / University of Louisville

Authored Resources

Team Exercise: How Parenting Styles Affect The Next Generation
This experiential exercise is designed to enhance student learning about the four parenting styles and how they affect the dynamics within the family firm. Read More...
Does the Family Matter? Improving Executive Compensation Practices in Family Firms
Leaders must think about not only how much to pay managers, but also whether all should receive equal pay, whether merit plays a role, and how non-family executives should be compensated. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Don't Send Your Kids to Work Outside the Family Business Just Yet!
It's naturally assumed that future leaders should toil in the trenches somewhere else first, but this has some significant drawbacks. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Developing Your Business Family Strategy: Where to Start and What to Consider
Successful, long-lasting business families share an understanding of what is important to them, what they want to do together, and how they want to work together to achieve their collective goals and vision. Read More...
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