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Choosing a Board of Directors for a Family Business
It's important that current or future members of a family business understand best practices for assembling a Board of Directors (BOD). That's why we explore this in depth as part of a basic family Read More...
Author: Whitney Peake
The Entrepreneur's Profit Model: A Diagnostic Tool
Entrepreneurs usually understand that profit is important. But many are less consciously aware of the actual model by which they will (or will not) make money in their ventures. Many have a gut feel, Read More...
The Sustainable Entrepreneur: Balancing People, Planet and Profit
Entrepreneurs and business leaders are blessed and cursed with thinking about their businesses 24 hours a day. It becomes their life focus. What is it that consumes them? Bottom line? Employee Read More...
Category: Commentary
Author: Dave Feldman
Investing in Capabilities and Reputation Pays Off for VC Firms
New venture capital firms must make a variety of strategic decisions about market positioning and relationships with the entrepreneurs in their portfolio. One choice VC firms must make is whether to Read More...
Author: David Hsu
How Strategy and Industry Should Shape Your Choice of Co-Founders
Entrepreneurs who want to turn a great idea into a thriving business inevitably need a team that can make it happen. What increases their odds of a successful venture: hiring mainly technical experts Read More...
For the Best Customer Data, Look Beyond the Market
Seed stage entrepreneurs must grapple with how they will scale their businesses. While this process includes many steps, discovering the proper product/market fit for the business is critical early Read More...
Author: Jon Eckhardt
To Engage Business Students, Roll Out 'the Barrels'
Many of us may remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from childhood. In these tales, the story develops to a point and presents a scenario choice to the reader. Depending on the Read More...
How Do You Know When It's Safe to Quit Your Day Job?
On November 29, Rewire hosted a Facebook Live Q&A entitled, "How Do You Know When It's Safe to Quit Your Day Job?," led by David Deeds, Schulze Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Read More...
Category: Commentary
Author: David Deeds
Talk With Real Customers Before the Launch
As online crowdsourcing has shown, people will support a proposed business or cause that moves them. For entrepreneurs, the ability to test a proposed product or service's uniqueness and appeal has Read More...
Category: Commentary
How Can We Define 'Innovation'?
Innovation is a kind of Holy Grail in the world today. Companies strive for it, consumers often reward it, and policy-makers say we need more of it. But many people still find themselves asking, Read More...
Author: Daniel Forbes


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