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Tom Rüsen

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Family Business Succession Planning: 10 Golden Rules
While every family business is different, these guidelines can help most firms smooth out the succession process and maintain family relations as a bonus. Read More...
'Let’s Not Go There...' Taboos in Family Business
Many families dare not discuss certain topics because they want to preserve the illusion of harmony and unity. But these taboo topics are bound to erupt sooner or later. Read More...
What All Family Businesses Can Learn From the Merck Family
The Germany-based global health care, pharmaceutical and performance materials firm has kept its vast family ownership team aligned for 13 generations. Read More...
Category: Commentary
Developing Your Business Family Strategy: Where to Start and What to Consider
Successful, long-lasting business families share an understanding of what is important to them, what they want to do together, and how they want to work together to achieve their collective goals and vision. Read More...
Why Don't You Educate Your Owners?
Everyone agrees that families should train members to become competent owners and stewards of the family business – but few of them actually walk the talk. Read More...
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