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Theodore L. Waldron

Associate Professor of Sustainable Strategy and Entrepreneurship / Jerry S. Rawls College of Business / Texas Tech University

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How to Care for Your Team During a Crisis
Even if they are sidelined, employees need their leaders to provide reassurance and a plan. Four things that crisis-battered companies can do now. Read More...
How to Keep Your Favorite Business From Going Under
When a favorite shop, online store or family business struggles because of a crisis, entrepreneurs feel loss and a sense of their own vulnerability. How to help. Read More...
Family Businesses Can Help One Another
When a favorite shop, restaurant or other business struggles during a crisis, family business owners feel a sense of their own vulnerability. How they can help. Read More...
Which Innovations Should You Keep When the Crisis is Over?
Resist the urge to "return to normal." Smart companies will identify the survival strategies that are worth keeping -- and make them better. Read More...

Editor's Picks

Steve Jobs
Walter Isaacson, Simon & Schuster, 2011

One of the most meaningful books on entrepreneurship I’ve read is Steve Jobs, the self-titled biography of Apple’s creative genius by Walter Isaacson. In telling the story of Jobs’ catastrophic failures and monumental successes as an entrepreneur and an executive, Isaacson enables attentive readers to learn from how one of history’s most successful entrepreneurs thought, felt, and acted throughout his career. Isaacson also highlights the Jobs’ rare proficiency in creating needs that did not previously exist, forever changing how we interact with technology—an aspiration for many entrepreneurs.

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