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Generative AI Can Help Family Businesses Innovate and Grow
Technology can now take care of mundane tasks, and give people more time for satisfying, impactful work that requires creativity, emotional intelligence and empathy. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Growing Your Business With Generative AI
Think of AI as a co-pilot to handle mundane tasks. The work that requires creativity, emotional intelligence, empathy, or trust will still be the province of humans.  Read More...
Category: Interviews
Can Entrepreneurs Innovate Without Disrupting Industries?
A disruptive new product or service can upend entire industries, creating new opportunities but often at personal and economic cost. Can we innovate without pain? Read More...
Will Your In-Laws Help or Hurt Your Family Business?
As the Gucci and royal families show, in-laws can complicate things. Here's how family businesses can benefit from their perspectives and minimize conflict. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
When Can Fintech Do the Most Good?
Many have predicted that mobile money and other fintech will replace traditional banks in impoverished countries. But our research showed that socially marginalized people need both.  Read More...
Category: Research Insight
What If a Hedge Fund Invests in my Family Business?
At many publicly traded firms, the presence of activist investors forces them to innovate. This didn't hold true at the family businesses we studied. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
More Than the Sum of its Partners
From Ben & Jerry to Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, complementary collaborators can propel a venture to great heights. Choose your partner carefully. Read More...
Category: Features
Why Family Businesses Must Mind the (Generation) Gap
Older leaders should be curious about how next-gens view the world, and younger leaders-to-be should have patience with their elders and honor what they've created. Read More...
Category: Interviews
Simple Rules Can Power Up Your Global Strategy
As Lego, Unilever, and Apple have shown, a simple but memorable strategy statement can create a common mindset, regardless of cultural and language differences. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Small and Medium-Sized Firms Are Less Prepared for Crises
Research found that they often lack the resources to assess their risk and plan for the worst -- putting their financial health at risk when disaster strikes. Read More...
Category: Research Insight

Editor's Picks

One Tough Mother
"One Tough Mother: Taking Charge in Life, Business and Apple Pies” by Gert Boyle, G2 CEO of Columbia Sportswear.

One Tough Mother is not an academic text but an inspirational autobiography from the late Gert Boyle. It is the story of her inheriting her father’s sporting goods business and the unexpected death of her husband when she was 46. Gert rebuilt the company that is now one of the finest examples of G3 family enterprise ownership of a publicly traded global company.

'Letting Go'

Oregon winery entrepreneur Susan Sokol Blosser is one of the founders of Oregon’s wine industry and a prolific writer. In “Letting Go” she captured the very personal and painful journey of exiting a family business that she founded. It’s the type of honest book about succession that is hard to find. Her first book, “Gracious and Ruthless: Surprising Strategies for Business Success,” shares her point of view as a woman founder in a traditionally male industry.

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