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Emanuela Rondi

Assistant Professor / Department of Management / Università degli Studi di Bergamo

Authored Resources

Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Family Firms: An Assessment Tool
Family businesses are nimble enough to innovate, but often hesitate. This assessment tool can help. Read More...
A Family Firm Can Be Both an Innovator and a Great Place to Work
Both relatives and non-relatives should feel happy, secure and “part of the family” without getting so complacent that they don’t challenge the status quo. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Women Can Help Family Firms Innovate – but Socioemotional Factors Matter
Even as more women step into leadership roles at family firms, long-held attitudes and practices may prevent the business from realizing all the benefits they can bring. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Falling from Grace: How Scandals Affect Family Businesses
Feuds, deception and bad behavior can undermine your brand and your family's image. Here are four types of scandals and some notorious examples. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
Will Your In-Laws Help or Hurt Your Family Business?
As the Gucci and royal families show, in-laws can complicate things. Here's how family businesses can benefit from their perspectives and minimize conflict. Read More...
Category: Research Insight
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