Seven Strategies to Survive the Post-Pandemic Labor Shortage
As work/life balance and alternative work arrangements grow, family businesses must work harder to keep non-family staff happy and attract new candidates. Read More...
Category: article
Overcoming Dysfunction in the Next Generation
The family firm and relationships are at risk when parents overshadow and overprotect their successors. Why tough love matters. Read More...
Category: article
Family Businesses Thriving in India

Family businesses are the backbone of the economy in India, and their long-term financial performance and revenue growth are ahead of other firms. This article by two Deloitte partners explores why.

October 2021

10 Golden Principles to Guide Your Succession Planning
While every family business is different, these guidelines can help most firms smooth out the succession process and maintain family relations as a bonus. Read More...
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She Always Gives Her All to the Family Firm -- but He Follows the Leader
Women go the extra mile regardless of how they are treated by leadership. Men only exert extra effort in exchange for altruistic leadership. Read More...
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Building a Business Step by Step Ch. 7: Verify the Business Model

by: Jon Eckhardt / Interviews

The co-founders of Laquerus left MBA programs and turned down job offers to start a nail salon. Here's how it evolved and what comes next. Read more...

Building Bridges Between Artists and Business Entrepreneurs

by: Michael Cummings and Adrienne Callander / Education and Teaching

A University of Arkansas program aims to show both business and arts students how to think more boldly and deviate from the norm. Read more...

Six Steps to Help Artists Thrive as Entrepreneurs

by: Sarah Marty / Commentary

The skills of all artistic practices - that cycle of theory, discipline, reflection, and revision -  are vital to business. Artists should claim the tools of entrepreneurship as their own. Read more...

Building a Company Step by Step, Ch 6: Testing and Pivoting

by: Jon Eckhardt / Interviews

This interview with Alex Yampolsky, co-founder and chief operating officer of Vytal Health, focuses on the importance of testing your proposed product or service and knowing when to pivot.   Read more...


  1. Why Inventors Should Embrace Unequal Partnerships

    by Dean Kamen

  2. How to Care for Your Team During a Crisis

    by Theodore L. Waldron and James C Wetherbe

  3. Learn From Leaders: Developing an Idea

    by Jon Eckhardt and Daniel Forbes

  4. Working from Home: Tips for Employees and Business Owners

    by Jay Mulki

  5. Design Thinking Makes Great Ideas Viable

    by Brian Janz

  6. How to Build a Home Business Support Group

    by Kerry Hannon

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Supported by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation

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